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I am a 22 year old who just finished my bachelors degree in Health Care Administration. I work at Mercy and am enthusiastic about starting my career. I have a beautiful family and am blessed with a wonderful man to love. (You'll know when I get a ring!) My blog is named Spoken For after a song by Mercy Me that explains my salvation in Jesus Christ. My faith defines me. I love music and plan on sharing quotes often. "Covered by a love devine, child of the risen lord. To hear you say this ones mine, My heart is Spoken For."

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


FAll is my absolute favorite time of year!! I can literally smell it coming on. The air is crisp and cool and I can close my eyes and imagine sipping a spiced caramel apple cider from Starbucks while pre-Christmas shopping or snuggled up in a hoodie cheering on my team at a football game!

Speaking of Football-- you may have noticed that is the theme for my pictures on this blog. My brother Corey is a Senior for El Reno this year and has been tearing up the football field with his fellow lineman. El Reno has a new coach and is doing a great job compared to years past. We actually beat Guthrie for the first time since 2000! Since my boyfriend is a Guthrian, I was beaming with pride! This coming Friday the game is in Altus, ROAD TRIP! It is so crazy to me that Corey is a Senior. I think I am more concerned about how old I am getting, rather than how he is growing up! haha. My best friend from high school, Jennifer, went to the last home game with us. It was so weird passing the student section. I did not know anyone!! I was also very annoyed with their rambunctious behavior. See, told you I am getting old!! Jennifer swears we were never that little and we just had to laugh at ourselves. Well, I hope everyone is as excited about Fall as I am. Klove said it was here at 4:18 this afternoon. Whether you spend it on the football field, picking out pumpkins, or buying new sweaters, I hope everyone remembers to enjoy this weather and take time to thank our heavenly father who so graciously provides it!!

PS- Corey is number 72. He may be 18, but he is off limits ladies! That's my baby brother! :)

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