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I am a 22 year old who just finished my bachelors degree in Health Care Administration. I work at Mercy and am enthusiastic about starting my career. I have a beautiful family and am blessed with a wonderful man to love. (You'll know when I get a ring!) My blog is named Spoken For after a song by Mercy Me that explains my salvation in Jesus Christ. My faith defines me. I love music and plan on sharing quotes often. "Covered by a love devine, child of the risen lord. To hear you say this ones mine, My heart is Spoken For."

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Oh fall, I love you. Work, not so much.

Hello everyone! miss me? (not sure if anyone really even follows this) but if you do. Sorry. The last couple of weeks have been kind of slow. The highlights were watching the sooners play in Norman, a night out with all four of my best friends, and starting yoga (there will be no pictures of that!)

Fall seems to be flying by and Halloween is fast approaching. I will be honest, this is usually my favorite time of year, but this year is a little depressing. Fall has always been full of football games, new classes, and group trips for coffee. I really miss being in school. Starting my job was very exciting and new. Now that the new smell has worn off, I am beginning to question if this is really the path I want to be on. My poor friend Jennifer had to listen to me play "what if" while downing margaritas at Chilis! I know I am still pretty young, but I feel like I am called to do more than warm an office chair for 8 hours. I really need to be hitting my knees and keeping my heart open for God's guidence.

On the upside, I have a boyfriend who is unbelievabley supportive. He can tell that I have not been myself lately and has made many suggestions to help me feel better. No matter what I do in life I am glad he is beside me! My poor friend Ryan has been feeling the same lately. Maybe this kind of slump happens to lots of college graduates who set their standards high and have the world shut them down. Last night I actually watched ELF to put me in a better mood, and I fell asleep by 8. It was awesome. Another really cool thing is that I went full time at work! I have been working 80 hours but I was considered "flex" with no benefits. I now have insurance and am aquiring PTO! It is pretty awesome. I feel so relieved to have Health Insurance. Not having it is such a huge gamble. Especially with swine flu breaking out in Oklahoma. Overall life is good! I guess I just need a little more of a challenge. Hence, I started yoga. That will do it! Those people are flex-y!!!

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